Make a Stale Seedbed. Some seedlings, especially seed-grown onions and leeks, are very sensitive to invasion by weeds. The stale seedbed technique is also useful for almost any planting, and is merely a question of more!
Wildflowers. The poppy is probably the most popular wildflower and is very easy to grow from seed. It used to be seen in fields everywhere, but years of selective herbicide usage has all but eliminated it from some areas. An annual with deep scarlet flowers from June into early autumn. Requires more!

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Meadow in May
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Meadowscape says Goodbye.

After much debate, the people involved in Meadowscape have decided that due to pressure from their respective full time jobs, that Meadowscape will close.

This website will remain open until 18th March 2005, after which time it will close.

If you wish to use any content from this site, then please contact me on YPVS31k<nospam>


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